Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance practice has deep investment banking and equity capital market experience.

Our bespoke services include the following areas.

Business acquisitions or takeovers

We work with our clients to ensure their acquisitions are strategic and successful, bringing immediate synergy benefits both through increased revenue or reach and reduced costs, reflecting that a business has been bought at the right price.

By partnering with us throughout the acquisition process, our clients are confident they will:

  • Identify the right acquisition target that brings real business benefits and enhances shareholder value
  • Acquire the target at the right price, having taken into account the inherent value of the business, other potential bidders, any potential synergy benefits and the capacity to fund the acquisition
  • Where required, develop or assist with the takeover strategy and manage all requisite advisors
  • Consider both commercial and financial risks and if, through our due diligence process, it is determined they should walk away from a bad deal, our clients know we will give them that advice without fear or favour
  • Assist with the commercial structuring of the transaction including managing the commercial negotiations
  • Implement tax structuring and strategies that recognise the current needs of our clients and their longer term exit strategy, including both local and international considerations
  • Know the contract terms, including the ultimate purchase price, are in line with their offer and that there are no surprises in the final contract
  • Ensure they have the requisite working capital finance to fund future growth and that we will help negotiate new or reshaped finance facilities if needed
  • Assist with the integration of the new business into your group

Exit or sale of business

Once a decision to sell has been made, our clients know we have the necessary expertise and technical know-how to plan and execute their strategy so that they exit free of complications and have maximised their after-tax return.

In advance of launching into a sale, we assist clients in their initial preparation, critical in maximising their returns. So, from the very start of the sale process they are confident their house is in order by ensuring:

  • Financial information is reliable and accurate
  • The business is adequately and appropriately resourced
  • Systems and process are in place
  • IP is identified and where appropriate adequately protected
  • They have identified the business and transaction risks and established a plan for mitigation
  • They understand the likely buyers and their willingness and capacity to complete a deal
  • A sale structure has been developed which maximises the ultimate return to shareholders.
  • Consider the alternate exits available

We can then manage the entire structured sale process including:

  • Developing an Information Memorandum or sales document that shows the business in the best possible light
  • Identify potential buyers
  • Manage and run a data room allowing bidders to conduct due diligence on the business
  • Negotiate the price and terms of the deal
  • Co-ordinate all ancillary advisors
  • Ensure completion of the transaction

Our clients depend on us to execute on the sale process and to provide them with the full range of merger & acquisition advice and assistance services.

IPOs, back door listings and equity capital markets

If you are thinking of listing on a stock exchange or  acquiring or merging with a listed company you need an advisor that you can rely on who can provide timely, technically correct, commercially sound and pragmatic advice.

We can help you prepare for life as a public company and ensure that you are ready for the scrutiny and attention a listed company attracts.

We bring our skills and expertise to the float process through

  • Preliminary structuring and preparation, including setting in place the appropriate corporate structure, management structure and Board structure
  • Ability to deal with corporate regulators and a detailed knowledge of ASIC regulations, Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules
  • Assistance with preparation of prospectus and other public offer documentation
  • Participation in the due diligence committee to ensure potential key risks are appropriately dealt with.

We also have experience with other Exchanges such as the London AIM Market, OTC-QX and TSX+V.